ANRE draws up technical code of LNG

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The Romanian Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE) has drawn up the technical code of liquefied natural gas (LNG), setting up the minimum technical requirements specific for LNG, and defining the state authorities ruling and competent in this field.

Romania plans to build a LNG terminal in Constanta (southeast Romania, on the Black Sea shore) within the Azerbaijan — Georgia — Romania Interconnector (AGRI) project.

This project involves the transmission of natural gas from Azerbaijan, through pipelines, to the Georgian shore of the Black Sea, followed by its liquefaction and transmission with special tankers across the Black Sea, to be returned to gas state at the terminal in Constanta, fed again into pipelines, and further transmitted to European consumers.

'The minimum technical requirements for the import, unloading, regasification of the LNG, including the auxiliary services and temporary storage facilities necessary for the regasification process, and the subsequent delivery to the transmission system are based on European and international norms and standards,' states an order of the ANRE's president that approves the technical code for LNG.

LNG is used to secure the natural gas supply to the end users, to harmonize the seasonal, daily and hourly variation of the consumption with the available gas sources, to permanently ensure the physical balance of the national gas transmission system, and to carry out other market operations.

'ANRE sets up and approves the methodology for calculating the access tariffs to the LNG terminal. The access tariffs allow carrying out the necessary investments into LNG terminals, in order to guarantee their feasibility,' the order mentions.

The operator of the LNG terminal, included into a vertically integrated market economic operator, must be independent at least in terms of its legal form, of its organization and decision-making process from other activities not connected to the transmission, the distribution, and the storage of natural gas.

The terminal's operator must submit to ANRE the investments plan for the next five years, to be approved by the Authority.

The operator must also apply non-discriminatory policies for the terminal's users, and justifiably deny the access of third parties to the LNG terminal, in compliance with the laws. AGERPRES


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