Antonescu: USL will have the same programme for the EP elections; separate lists of candidates

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The two political parties making the Social Liberal Union (USL, senior at rule), the Social Democratic Party (PSD) and the National Liberal Party (PNL), have decided to adopt the same political programme for the upcoming elections to the European Parliament, while having separate lists of candidates,' PNL leader Crin Antonescu made an announcement on Monday.

'As to the elections to the European Parliament, we decided to work very quickly on a common platform, regardless of the fact that we are going to propose separate lists of candidates. In other words, both the Liberal and Social Democratic candidates, while running for the elections on separate lists, will have the same political programme to follow, the same positions to adopt with respect to the European policies, the same stands when it comes to supporting and formulating Romania's interests in Europe and in the European Parliament, the same as in the other European bodies, where it is normal to present its own perspective over the matters, its own objectives and priorities", Antonescu explained, after the USL meeting.

Prime Minister Victor Ponta, Co-President of the USL, stated that the PNL and the PSD will have separate lists of candidates for the European Parliament elections, simply because in the end they are going to be part of separate political groups, which means that they are not "fighting" for the same electorate.

He also underscored that the European Parliament encourages a consistent presence at the polling stations in the upcoming elections.

'I am positive that in many countries there will also be other political actions for a good presence at the vote. In our case, it is very important that, after having already spent seven years in the EU, to get sure that we really count in the decision making process in Europe. We are no longer beginners in Europe", the PM said. AGERPRES


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