Men's handball: Romania qualifies for 2015 World Championship play-offs

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The Romanian men's national handball team qualified for the play-offs of the 2015 World Championship to be held in Qatar, despite losing to Slovakia 27 - 25 (11-10) on Saturday, in Sala (Slovakia), in the second group of the European qualifying competition.

As winner of the first leg match with 32-24, Romania was supposed not to lose at a difference of more than eight goals in order to qualify to the next stage.

Only the winners of the five pre-qualification groups make it to the pre-qualifiers, plus the 12 teams fighting in the European Championship 2014 and Germany, which is directly qualified for the play-off matches as best-ranked team eyeing one of the nine spots assigned to the ''Old Continent'' for Qatar.

In the group ranking, Romania is on top with 10 points (+30), followed by Slovakia, 10 p (+32), Italy, 2 p (5 games), Cyprus, 0 p (5 games).AGERPRES


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