Bucharest Mayor wants Victoria Avenue turned into weekend pedestrian-only thoroughfare

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The downtown Bucharest Victoria Avenue might become a pedestrian-only thoroughfare in weekends, according to a plan announced by Bucharest Mayor Sorin Oprescu.

"From this point on we can discuss Victoria Avenue, how we should proceed to have portions of it closed to traffic on Saturdays and Sundays for people to step out for a stroll, if for no other reason, just in order to revive the spirit of the former Little Paris," Oprescu said at the opening of the first section of the Buzesti — Berzei — Uranus North-South cross-city boulevard.

"I plan to have the Victoria Avenue sidewalk extended, build bike lanes, let people set up shops and cafeterias," Oprescu said recently in a televised show.

At this time, he also remarked, taking one''s kids out for a walk on Victoriei Avenue is impossible because there are no places to sit down and the street is mostly lined with bank and company headquarters.AGERPRES


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