Romania's performances in EU, affected by extension of restrictions Belgium imposes on Romanian citizens

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Agerpres correspondent Florin Stefan reports: Romania's performances in the EU have been affected by the extension of the restrictions Belgium imposed for seven years, PSD Belgium leader Dan Luca said in a release remitted to Agerpres.

According to PSD Belgium Chairman, the lack of Romanians in Brussels is felt mainly in the private sector of European affairs.

'Romanians have the necessary training to work in the private sector of European affairs and, even in spite of the imposed restrictions, approximately 500 co-nationals already conduct such an activity in multinational companies, federations, associations, mass-media, lobby companies and think-tank organisations. Most of them were humiliated though in front of their colleagues, each year having to draw up a file to present to the Belgian authorities hoping to obtain the work permit for the respective year,' Dan Luca said.

Subsequently, he maintains, the activity of Romanians in the European environment was affected by the issue of the working right in Belgium. 'Romania has lost a great deal through this blockage and it is our duty to signal this favourable moment to Romanians and Romania,' the PSD Belgium leader underscored.

'According to the assessments, to connect Romania to the EU, we need 5,000 Romanians in Brussels and 25,000 persons in Romania actually involved in the community mechanism. We currently only have 2,500 people in Brussels and maximum 10,000 in Bucharest, mainly in the public sector,' Dan Luca said.

He also said he had been conducting activities in the European affairs area for 20 years and that 'it is for the first time when a Romanian has the same chances to get a job in European Brussels as the other European colleagues.'AGERPRES


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