Adidas T-shirt dedicated to tennis legend Ilie Nastase

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Well-known sports equipment manufacturer Adidas has announced the launch of a T-shirt dedicated to the "terrible child of tennis", Romanian Ilie Nastase.

Under the heading "Every Icon Has a Story", Adidas Originals presents in spring / summer 2011 season one of the most daring Adidas shirts, taking famous Ilie Nastase as its protagonist. Considered as the "terrible child of tennis", Ilie Nastase has not become known simply for his very aggressive style and unexpected game, but for his maverick spirit and the jokes fired during his matches, as well. Such a moment, depicting Nastase displaying one of its most colorful facets on the tennis court was captured in the celebrated image. The image made history, but also showed why he earned the "Nasty" nickname.

Some thought that was rude, but that brought him closer to the audience. His attitude and his original style and unprecedented sense of humor have inspired generations and Adidas wishes that, through these T-shirts, to share with younger generations something from Nastase's relaxation, humor and self assurance, giving them the opportunity to express their originality in an individual way.

Collaboration between Adidas and Ilie Nastase is one of the longest partnerships that the company has with individual athletes and materialized in time in various collections and products, especially shoes that bear the name of the tennis player. Nastase T-shirt is part of the collection "Then, Now and Forever", a tribute collection from Adidas Originals, dedicated to the most important athletes of all times.AGERPRES

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